New from autumn 2022 for frame widths 120/140 cm:

The Radius zone adjustment RZV

From the start of production in autumn 2022, every Lattoflex frame in the widths 120 cm and 140 cm will have the radius zone adjustment as standard ex factory:

  • fibre glass reinforced radius bar is integrated in four double slats (slats 4 to 7)
  • additional support in the middle of the bed
  • ergonomically sleeping in the comfort width


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So your lying surface gets the greatest support exactly in the middle, where it is needed. With the springing function and support of the frame together, this is the most even support possible from one edge, through the middle of the bed, to the other edge.
Due to its curved shape, the radius bar itself has a springing function: it can react precisely to a wide variety of weights acting on the mattress. The individual plates of the wings also remain in use. This means for the sleeper: properly supported in every position, for light and heavy body parts.

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