When sleeping becomes floating: Lattoflex 300

Our Lattoflex 300 series has all the advantages of the Lattoflex 200 – with an added dimension of sleeping comfort.
Each one of the 200 Senso wings in the Lattoflex-300 system has its own suspension level. The flexible, gentle and back-healthy Lattoflex sleeping experience thus becomes a pleasure that inspires even the most demanding sleepers: Gliding through your dreams in a state of suspension, you will feel truly recharged for tomorrow.
In addition to the increased comfort, the Lattoflex-300 series inspires with an even further refined frame construction, with ultra-precise adjustment possibilities: The oval Vario fiberglass rods in the Lattoflex 300 can be adjusted individually with a simple twist, literally from top to bottom - rod for rod, micro zone, for micro zone.
The Lattoflex 300 series can also be expanded with a wide range of options from manual adjustments for flat frames to gas-spring supported, infinite variable adjustments in the seat frame, to luxury class comfort with a motorized frame - including remote-control, memory function for up to six favorite positions, and a unique backward slide function that helps to keep your bedside table within reach.
As a premium product, the Lattoflex 300 series is only available at the Lattoflex sleeper - a network of specially trained dealers. Through individual consultations, our sleeping unit partners ensure that every Lattoflex-300 customer gets the maximum benefit for his or her personal sleeping situation from the almost unlimited individualisation options found in our top models.

All Lattoflex products at a glance:

  200 300 900
unique wing suspension x x x
Specially developed shoulder zone x x x
Suitable for every bed x x x
Heavy duty fiberglass rods for durability x x x
Vario glass fibre rods for finest adjustments - x -
Comfort Senso wing with additional suspension level - x -
MiS Microstimulation - - x
Also as an independent piece of furniture x x x
Only available at Lattoflex Schlafwerk specialist dealer - x -
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