For every age and every bed: Lattoflex 200

As an entry into the world of wing suspension, our Lattoflex 200 series offers exceptional sleeping comfort at the lowest Lattoflex price.
200 highly flexible Senso wings guarantee optimal support in every phase of your sleep and in every position - supported by a frame construction with durable fiberglass rods, a material that is also used for the latest generation aircraft wings.
The result: a unique sleeping experience that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed, powerful, and pain-free, morning after morning. And that’s all thanks to the frame’s sophisticated design, with optimum ventilation and the best possible mattress protection thanks to a minimal contact surface- even in a double bed with the annoying "visitors crack" between the beds.
Additional options for subsequent hardness adjustments are available, as is an attractive selection of frame choices - from flat or seat frames with manual adjustment to motorized frames with remote control and memory function.

All Lattoflex products at a glance:


  200 300 900
unique wing suspension x x x
Specially developed shoulder zone x x x
Suitable for every bed x x x
Heavy duty fiberglass rods for long durability x x x
Vario glass fiber rods allow for fine adjustments - x -
Comfort Senso wing with additional suspension level - x -
MiS Microstimulation - - x
Also as an independent piece of furniture x x x
Only available at Lattoflex Schlafwerk specialist dealer - x -
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