NEW in August 2022: The customised bed

Lattoflex 300 Plus: More adjustment is just impossible!

New body-adaptation-system KAS revolutionises sleep with the aim of pain-free nights! With the new body-adaptation-system, your Lattoflex bed adapts exactly to your body and your needs. The 5-step adjustment of individual slats upwards and downwards can easily be combined with manual and motorised comfort functions. Particularly important for side sleepers: for a bed that is made to measure! For you, this means: Avoiding a feeling of pressure and tension.

Here are 4 concrete examples for you:

Extension of the shoulder zone - for sensitive people
with muscle tension in the neck area.
Your shoulder is gently relieved downwards.


Gentle elevation of the lower back - for more
relief at the end of the day. This turns your bed to
a source of relaxation!


Pelvis relief zone - the dream of side sleepers
comes true. Finally restful sleep through the night
without the unpleasant feeling of pressure!


Gentle elevation of the knees - to relieve
the ligaments and to relieve back pain
in the evening.


Relaxed nights - a completely new attitude to life during the day.

The revolutionary body-adaption-system can easily and effortlessly adjust your Lattoflex bed to your maltreated spine in 5 stages.

  • A bed customised for you
  • No tools necessary!
  • Adjustable at any time even years after purchase!

Integrated in the new Lattoflex 300 Plus or for retrofitting in every Lattoflex 300 bed from the year of construction 2013! Treat yourself to the best Lattoflex of all times!

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Go to KAS products   300 Plus